todavia lo estoy pensando

pero ya estamos en el aire

Argentinean. In the 1980s rock music started to broaden my mind. In the 1990s it was University that did so (History at the Universidad de Buenos Aires). Cinema and the Internet did the rest. A reader, a travel writer, an enthusiast of photography and a passionate admirer of urban life. I have reviewed some books; co -wrote a few others and some of my snapshots illustrate the editions of both the guide and some magazines of Time Out Buenos Aires.

Occasionally I mounts heritage crusades, such as the one which restored the original name to the Teatro Ópera of Buenos Aires. I have a weakness for vocal jazz, architecture, Maria Bethânia’s voice, old soundtracks, sweet things and TV series Mad Men. I live in Buenos Aires.

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The Andes from the plane
®icardoWatson, 2011.

The Andes from the plane

®icardoWatson, 2011.

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      The Andes from the plane ®icardoWatson, 2011.
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